D T DESIGNS Corporation Limited

was founded on July 25, 2005 with 2 million baht registered capital; its initial purpose was to be the interior design and decoration company that supports the design function of Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited.

In 2009, Architectural Department and Corporate Research and Development (CRD) was integrated to the company to provide value added turnkey service which includes architectural design, interior design, landscape design, urban design, engineering, and creative design and project design management which research and development knowledge was intergraded. Recently, it has been given many great opportunities to participate in several projects that need special requirements, such as, CP Leadership Institute, factories, and many residential projects with the developer.

Besides the design services provided for domestic projects, D T DESIGNS Corporation Limited expands its potential as it has continuously business and design management into China which is gradually increased in 2010 to 6.7% of the company’s total revenue and are expected to be 40% in 2012. Upon decision to take a step further into an international scene, it has also started a joint venture business with Gensler Inc. and had a joint-venture agreement signing ceremony on Aug 2, 2011 at San Diego, USA. Formed under Gensler D T DESIGNS Corporation Limited in order to capitalize on the synergy strength of both companies for future business opportunities in CP and DTGO, and joint-marketing with other selected international clients, opportunities exist for Research and Development sharing in design, process and management including new modern agriculture technology.