What is “Green Design” and how is it different from “Sustainable Design”?
“Green Design” has a meaning beyond designs with green grass or trees. It is a thinking process that starts from the beginning of the design phase to determine the impact of the project upon the environment and surrounding community. When designing a building, consideration must be made to the following factors:

  • How to mitigate or avoid harmful impact on the environment and surrounding area.
  • How to design for energy conservation, minimising energy usage through various techniques.
  • How to select the most environmentally friendly materials.

The consideration must be made from the beginning, from the raw materials, manufacturing, transport, installation, construction, and minimisation of waste. Post-construction, the life span, toxicity, and recycling possibility of the materials must be investigated. The aforementioned factors are the journey towards achieving a truly green design. In other words, “Green thinking is clean thinking.”

As for “Sustainable Design”, it is a design to ensure that the building can become self-sufficient. For instance, designing buildings that can reduce energy use or opting for alternative energy sources. Sustainable design lies at the heart of DT DESIGNS as we believe in “thinking and creating for the sustainability of the people”
The importance of research and development from a design point of view?
Research and development plays an important role in creating designs that respond to the real needs of the occupants as well as stimulating positive behaviors, feelings, and even promote human interactions. When knowledge from research and development has been utilised efficiently and systematically, it brings about countless real estate development innovations. These include technological synergies in energy conservation, safety, as well as synergies in physical, psychological and behavioral benefits. Only when all the above considerations are made, we can recognise that architectural design as a true reflection of our core corporate value: “thinking and creating for the sustainability of the people”